A shameless plug (but not for me)

27 Feb

I recently learned that a girl from my college program (she was a couple years behind me and we were never really friends) is a talented musician, so I figured I would share a link to her stuff!

It’s mostly upbeat acoustic/singer-songwriter stuff, and she has a really unique voice.

You should definitely check her out.


Book Review: The Astronaut Wives Club

18 Feb

I’ve been enjoying more non-fiction lately, and this book was a really cool introduction to something I had never heard about – the lives of the wives of astronauts.

For about a decade, these women lived as a strange mix of reality stars, Army wives, stay-at-home moms, and socialites. They were followed by photographers and reporters everywhere they went (the photo on the cover of the book is a photo that ran on the cover of LIFE magazine), became friends with Jackie Kennedy, attended parties with every ’60s celebrity you can imagine, and lived in a suburb where they spent most of their days worrying about their husbands and trying to be the perfect housewives America wanted to see. Continue reading

A change of plans

14 Feb

Hello! I’ve found that I really enjoy writing about budgeting and such, but also I enjoy writing about all the ramblings of my brain. So, I’ve decided to split this blog in two: I’m keeping this one as my personal blog where I can talk about my feelings, pop culture stuff, books, and all that jazz. I’ve also started a new blog which I’m going to try to turn into a personal finance resource for post grads. It’s called Stacking Twenties (because we’re in our twenties, and also “stacking” our savings) and if you’re interested in that sort of thing you should go follow it. And if not, you can be glad I’m not writing about it here anymore!


12 Feb


Sometimes I wonder if this place I want to return to is a place that doesn’t exist.

Maybe it never did.

Maybe what I want back is a piece of my youth that’s less than a year old but still can’t ever be returned to.

Maybe what I miss is staying up too late, snuggled under blankets with my roommate, laughing and crying and talking about everything under the sun. Maybe I miss the fact that she was, that year, my person, the one who knew everything and understood everything.

She’s getting married now

And never calls. Continue reading

50 Shades of Calm Down, Everybody

9 Feb

EDIT: It’s a couple days later, and I’ve continued doing some research and just want to point out what I’ve learned: this is not just an overly sexual book. It’s straight up abuse. I haven’t read the book, so I was uninformed. Check out this great post detailing the horrible behavior that is being glamorized in this book and (presumably) the movie.

My Facebook feed has recently been full of people decrying the upcoming movie adaptation of Twilight fan-fic 50 Shades of Grey.

This movie has the unique ability to piss off both hardcore conservative religious folk and diehard liberal feminists. I’ve seen people post links to petitions promising to boycott the movie (? why do you have to sign a petition to not see something?), post angry screeds about how it’s demeaning to women, and inquire whether or not it is our job to educate people about what this movie says about relationships.

Now, I have no interest in spending $12 to go sit in a movie theater and watch a weird film version of what is basically soft-core porn. This movie will not be getting any attention from me because it’s not the kind of movie I like watching. Continue reading

I’m a Gilmore Guys Girl, and you should be too

7 Feb

Podcasts have enjoyed a major spike in popularity, probably mostly due to the amazingness that is Serial (seriously, if you haven’t listened, do it. It’s both a fascinating true-crime story and a really interesting look at how professional journalism works).

If you’re looking for something a little lighter, though, I can’t recommend Gilmore Guys enough.

Continue reading

How to throw a party with basically zero effort

6 Feb

Growing up, my parents never really hosted people. I can probably count on one hand the number of times non-related adults came to our house for a social reason. My brothers and I had friends over, but they never did. Somehow, though, I grew up into the kind of person that absolutely loves throwing parties, which I now do about once a month.

Maybe it’s the recent-college-grad in me, but I find throwing a party to be super, super easy. And fun. And I think everyone should do it, although maybe not quite as often as I feel the need to!

Guest list: Basically everyone I know in town. This doesn’t include people like my coworkers or former professors, but basically everyone. My parties in Minneapolis were generally an odd mix of swing dancers, my roommate’s church friends, math PhD candidates, their friends, and other people I collected. I always tell people they’re welcome to bring friends of theirs, and have actually met some cool people just because they’ve shown up in my apartment. Plus, throwing parties so often makes it a great way to turn acquaintances into friends: it’s easy to end a conversation with, “Oh, I’m having some friends over on Saturday, you should come!” Continue reading