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Where I Stand Now

7 Jun

Well, college graduation is about eleven months away. Yes, I’m aware senior year hasn’t even started yet, but I’ve always been a worrier. And as such, I am terrified by the idea of figuring out my life from here. Continue reading


What Happened That Summer

4 Jun

2007 was five years ago now. And that summer, the summer I was 16, remains the best I’ve ever had.

For the month of July 2007, I was excited to wake up every morning, to see what that new day might bring. If I picture that summer in my mind, I see a montage of sunny days, singing, teasing, playing, dancing and joy. Continue reading

Current State List

3 Jun

I added a new state to my list of places-I’ve-been today! Now, it stands at:

Washington – duh

Oregon – you would think also duh, but it wasn’t until junior year of high school that my family took a trip to Oregon

California – Disneyland twice and visiting a friend in LA once

Idaho – while visiting GU and again to stay in Potlatch over Easter last year

Massachusetts – visiting a friend summer of 2010

Maine – same trip

New Hampshire – ditto

New Mexico – same trip, different friend

Hawaii – family vacations as a kid

Missouri – Mission:Possible in St Louis, Spring Break last year

Illinois – we took a wrong turn, but we got out of the car over the bridge so I’ve officially set foot there

Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh for NCAA

Rhode Island – Also NCAA

and today: Montana, for whitewater rafting! So fun!

Brings the total to 14. Sounds like someone needs to go on a road trip.

One Year Ago

2 Jun

One year ago, I was about four days into my 88-day trip (conveniently just short of the 90-day cutoff at which I would have had to get a visa) to Europe. I kept a journal diligently over there. Here, with snarky comments added, is my journal entry from one year ago today: Continue reading

The One Who Disappeared From the Face of the Planet

2 Jun

Once upon a time, there was this boy. His name is Miles Weishampel, in case anyone is ever Googling him, comes across this blog, and can comment and inform me that he is in fact alive. Continue reading

My Ideal Schedule

28 Mar


Continue reading

Sometimes i love the COG

28 Mar

I used to eat at the COG twice a day. Swipe my card, eat unlimited crappy food, move on with my life. It was great, and then it got old.

Then, this year, I stopped having a meal plan. 

For the most part, I absolutely love it. I buy the groceries I want. I eat delicious things, and they’re all right here at my house. I can eat lots of little snacks if that’s how I want to eat. I can cook for myself or just buy out of the Trader Joe’s freezer section. Which I admit to doing more often than I probably ought to. 

But then on some wonderful days, some wonderful person will take me to the COG. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does … it is a day of glory. A day when I can eat however much I want without preparing any of it. When I can eat an entree and a half plus two desserts and cheesy bread. A day when I remember why I gained weight when I came to college.

But oh my goodness, it is so great.

Thanks, Amy, for the COG food.