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Everything I Write Is Dumb

21 May

On the internet, things last forever. My Facebook posts from 2007? Still there. The posts I started this blog with in 2012? Still there. Thank goodness I wasn’t active on LiveJournal back in 2004, otherwise I’m sure that would still be there too. Every awkward moment of my adolescence, every stupid assumption I made, every youthful complaint about some teenage boy – it’s all online, free for the finding.

People get ripped apart for the smallest thing, these days. People lose their jobs for things they post on social media all the time.

I keep my social media pretty tame: my Facebook and Instagram are very PG, and I very rarely Tweet. But I have this blog. And I try to write things that are real and true about my life – except for that’s really hard to do when you’re terrified not only that your boss could find it, but that, even worse, your boss decades from now could find it. When I’m in my 40s, I’ll surely find everything I write now to be inane, misinformed and annoying. What if some future potential employer pulls up some stupid post I wrote when I was 24 (what if it’s this one???) and then decides to not give me a job? Continue reading



14 Jan

This blog hit 100 followers yesterday – woah! I’m thrilled there are a hundred people out there who are at least vaguely interested in what I have to say, that’s pretty fantastic. Many thanks to #100, The Daytime Dreamer (she’s just started a lovely blog, check it out).

I’m really excited to keep figuring out what I’m doing with this blog and my life, and quite grateful there are people out there reading it. Yous guys is awesome.

My purpose and a spam-lution

9 Jan

I am still trying to figure out exactly what I want this blog to be. When I first started it, I thought of it as an online journal of sorts, but the more I’ve written the more I’ve realized I’m interested in writing things that can actually help/impact/inspire others. I think there’s a major dearth of useful writing for those just starting out. One online magazine that is a bit outside the box is Verily, but that’s aimed pretty much entirely at women and also has a strong Christian bent (nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t resonate with me).

Thus, that’s the market I want to try to fill – practical, reasonable advice and thoughts for twentysomethings who want to do better than just okay. I’m not sure how I’m going to go about doing that – your thoughts on the kind of content you’re interested in would be much appreciated, and I may consider bringing in some guest bloggers – but at least I have a bit of a direction!

To that end, I will begin with a very simple piece of advice for streamlining your life that works for anyone, regardless of life stage. Unroll.me.

I, like most people, get a lot of emails in a day, and most of them are stupid. Groupon, Amazon, donation pleas from my alma mater, all sorts of junk – but it’s not spam. It’s that weird middle category of emails you hate looking at but want to keep receiving. Unroll.me is simple – you log in (they’ll need your email login) and they pull up a list of all those obnoxious recurring emails so you can put them into one simple daily digest, or click one button to get rid of them forever. Your daily email looks something like this:


Now, I receive one email a day (you can even pick a time of day) that I can quickly scroll through with all of those messages. It’s simple, does not drive me insane like receiving 3 Groupon messages a day used to, and makes sure I still see those that I want to see. If something looks interesting, I can click on it and pull up the entire email.

I’m not a shill for Unroll.me, I just discovered it through a Facebook friend. I’ve been using it for a month or so and it’s made an excellent impact on my inbox, so I highly recommend giving it a shot.

Where’d the angst go?

23 Dec

When I created this blog three years ago (it feels like it’s been both a lifetime and no time at all) I subtitled it “Angst, Snark and General Hilarity.” The “general hilarity” bit was more wishful thinking – I’d like to be a laugh-out-loud funny kind of writer, but I’m only rarely even a chuckle-silently kind of writer.

The angst and snark though, that pretty much described 80% of my emotions at that point in my life. I was always worried about something, or mad about something. The horrible poetry I wrote in that time period proves it – I had a lot of feelings and most of them were bad.

Now, that subtitle doesn’t describe my writing at all. Continue reading


11 Dec

When I was posting to this blog every day back in 2012, I was always just a little bit more connected to my life. I spent every day thinking about what the one little thing I would blog about would be – it made me focus on my life just that little bit more. I was constantly surprised by the occasional comments from complete strangers that would make me feel like I was connected to the world in a grander way. Continue reading