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2015 Goals Review

28 Dec

Last year I wrote a post of my goals for 2015, and now that it’s the end of December I figured it was time to see how I did. Continue reading


Picking a future

26 Jan

I wrote a few days ago about the freedom that comes with being graduated – namely, that you get to make your own choices now. However, as with all freedoms, that freedom comes with great responsibility – and outright terror.

I can already feel time slipping away – I’ll be 24 in March. That’s too old to be young and stupid. Heck, when my mom was 24, she was a mom! And as I realize I’m already in my mid-twenties, I can’t help but freak out about all my hopes and dreams, and trying to figure out which ones I really want.

Part of me wants the whole domestic shebang – marriage and kids and a cute little house and the PTA (and of course, I’d have to do the whole finding-a-dude thing, which is easier said than done). Part of me wants to be a nomad, living out of a suitcase (which involves figuring out a way to earn money whilst not being tied to an office, also easier said than done). Part of me wants a high-powered career (and I’m also not entirely sure what that would look like or how to get there). I’m drawn to living in a big city, with a ton going on, and also to a small town, where you run into friends at the grocery store. Continue reading

Goals & Dreams for 2015

31 Dec

These are not resolutions, because the idea is not to make me a better person (not that I’m perfect or anything close to it – I just hate the whole “these are all the things that are crappy about me” vibe of resolutions). These are things I want to do this year because they would be awesome. Continue reading

20Questions: My 20

20 Dec

I’m reading a book called The 20 Something Manifesto, by Christine Hassler. Throughout the book, she has exercises to help you figure out those all-important questions: who you are, what you want, and how to get from here to there. I thought they would make excellent blogging topics.

The first prompt is to take a bit of an audit of your life. She suggests a list of major life events that have happened so far in your twenties and a list of goals for the rest of the decade. So:

Major Events

  • Spent the summer of 2011 in Europe, including 5 weeks solo travel
  • Lived in a crappy college house with six other people
  • Learned the mellophone and went to NCAA tournaments with the pep band
  • Became Editor-in-Chief of the college newspaper
  • Had my first & second relationship and break-up
  • Moved to an oil boomtown in North Dakota sight-unseen and managed restaurants
  • Moved to Minneapolis
  • Came back to Spokane and got a Real Career Job & lived alone for the first time

I’m fairly happy with how things have gone so far, three months short of my 24th birthday. The problem is figuring out where I want to go.


  • Live in a foreign country for at least three months
  • Find a job/career that allows me to avoid the 8-5 sitting at a desk work hamster wheel
  • Get married – yeah, not really something I can achieve by myself, more about being open to meeting someone I suppose?
  • Write a book – but I have no idea what about
  • Visit all 50 states (more of a life-long goal, but might as well shoot for it in the next six years)
  • Grow a creative project (podcast? blog?) into something with significant conversation around it (talk about a vague goal) & earn supplemental income from it

So my goal list is really short. I feel better since of the things on my “meaningful events” list, the only ones that were really goals were being editor and going to Europe. So I suppose the biggest crazy things are often things that I don’t plan for but just have to say yes to when the opportunity arises. Still, I wish I had a little bit more of a path other than “I’d like to be creative, and travel” because that’s EVERYONE’S goal.

I’d be interesting in seeing other people’s lists!


11 Dec

When I was posting to this blog every day back in 2012, I was always just a little bit more connected to my life. I spent every day thinking about what the one little thing I would blog about would be – it made me focus on my life just that little bit more. I was constantly surprised by the occasional comments from complete strangers that would make me feel like I was connected to the world in a grander way. Continue reading