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On reacting, deciding, and trying to sort out my future

5 Mar

From April 2013 to September 2014, just about every choice I made was a reaction. I wasn’t getting interviews for the 50-some jobs I applied to, then I was offered a summer internship in a field I wasn’t particularly interested in located in an oil boomtown. I took it, sight-unseen. By the end of the summer, I still hadn’t gotten any of the writing jobs I was applying for, so they offered me employment and I took it. Housing was really expensive there, so when a family with a 3-year-old offered to let me rent a room in their house, I took it and moved in. Four days later, my friend decided to come join me, so I found an apartment and signed a month-to-month lease within 36 hours. Then, within four days we found a cheaper two bedroom and signed a lease on that starting the next month. Continue reading



12 Feb


Sometimes I wonder if this place I want to return to is a place that doesn’t exist.

Maybe it never did.

Maybe what I want back is a piece of my youth that’s less than a year old but still can’t ever be returned to.

Maybe what I miss is staying up too late, snuggled under blankets with my roommate, laughing and crying and talking about everything under the sun. Maybe I miss the fact that she was, that year, my person, the one who knew everything and understood everything.

She’s getting married now

And never calls. Continue reading

Rivers and Roads

22 Dec

My friend Autumn posted yesterday about a song that really describes her life right now, as she just moved to NYC. My taste in music tends to consist of 90% Taylor Swift, 10% everything else, which can result in music-related discussions that are really boring for everyone.

However, right after graduation, one of my good friends and I went on a road trip through National Parks of the west (Glacier, Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain, Grand Teton, and also just generally enjoying the emptiness of Montana/Wyoming/Colorado). We spent our days doing basically nothing, and it served essentially as a transition time between college and our new real lives – her in Kentucky, me in North Dakota.

We listened to the few CDs we had multiple times, and the one song that always reminds me of that trip is Rivers and Roads by The Head and the Heart. Continue reading

Social media and the power of reconnecting

3 May

For four days in August of 2011, I was in Budapest, visiting a friend studying abroad there. I met some of her classmates, one of which was her roommate, K. They seemed like nice people, and we all explored the city and watched fireworks together. And then I went home, and never really expected to talk to any of them again. 

More than two years later, I decided to move to Minneapolis, and searched Facebook for mutual friends, and lo and behold, there was K. A girl I barely talked to then, and certainly not since. But I only knew one other person in the Cities, and so I reached out. Now, we’re friends. 

So that’s the backstory. It’s a fun story when someone asks us how we know each other, but not really a huge deal. But it’s a pretty good indicator of one of my favorite things about social media: the fact that you can find someone again. Continue reading