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Now. Here. This.

6 Apr

It was the middle of the night in June four years ago. I was on a shuttle to an airport motel outside of Paris with a backpack and a rejected debit card. I was alone. It was raining. I had taken an ill-advised last-minute weekend trip to France while studying abroad in Spain, and now I didn’t know where I was going to sleep or how I was going to pay for anything. And I barely spoke a word of French.

In short, I was freaking out.

I was sitting in that shuttle, on the verge of tears, when I thought about the only thing I could to calm myself down. Right then, at that exact moment, on that bus, I was warm and dry, not hungry or in danger. Right there, at that second, everything was okay. Ten minutes later, when we pulled up to the hotel, it might not be, but all I had to deal with was that moment. Continue reading


Why you should road trip alone

29 Dec
4,500 miles, 12 states, 3 weeks, 5 lakes, 70 hours in a car.

4,500 miles, 12 states, 3 weeks, 5 lakes, 70 hours in a car.

  1. Because you can. This is the most important reason.
  2. You want to go, but you don’t have a travel companion. No one has the money, or the time, or the desire to sit in a car with you for three weeks. Don’t let their limitations be yours. Go.
  3. A couple hours in a coffee shop with a book is far more exciting when that shop is somewhere you’ve never been before.
  4. I knew someone every place I went – it’s a great way to see old friends and meet their new friends. Plus they’re way likelier to be willing to host you if you don’t have some stranger in tow.
  5. You pick the music, you pick the volume. So, T Swift and 11.
  6. Stop when you want to. Stop when it’s beautiful. Stop when you desperately need a bathroom and some coffee. Stop when you’re in the middle of nowhere and you just want to soak it in. Stop at a gas station in nowhere, MT and buy as much junk food as you want to sustain yourself over the next five hours.
  7. Change the plan. Stay somewhere a little longer. Drive two hours out of the way to check out a cute small town or weird landmark.
  8. Talk to yourself, sing to yourself, yell at yourself, listen to an audiobook and yell at the main character. These things are much more acceptable when you’re alone in a car than alone in your apartment, for some reason.
  9. If there’s a problem with your car, you’ll solve it. I had to get a belt of some sort replaced in Kentucky. Luckily I didn’t break down in the middle of Idaho, but if I had, I would’ve figured it out. You can figure out a lot of things when you have to rely on yourself.
  10. Because if you’re lucky enough to have time to explore, there’s no excuse not to.

Spo-dcasting ( Spokane + Podcasting, get it? No? Eh, I tried)

24 Dec

In Spokane, more than anywhere else I’ve been, it’s strangely popular to complain about how terrible the city is. I don’t really understand the sentiment, because I’m a firm believer that if you hate a place, you should leave. I, however, think this place is pretty cool. It has almost no traffic, all the city amenities close to outdoorsy pursuits, low cost of living, and a slowly burgeoning arts/culture/small business scene.

I’ve always been a fan of lifestyle writing, and particularly of regional magazines and the wide variety of topics they can cover: reviews, interviews, feature stories, hard news – as long as it’s related to that geographic area, it fits! I wanted to find a way to do this kind of “positive journalism” about Spokane, a place where too much of the discussion swings negative. However, the startup costs related to a real print publication are huge.

Podcasting, though … now there’s a type of media with low cost-of-entry. I already owned a laptop, and while the built-in speaker is low quality, it works. It takes a bit of legwork, but you can actually get your podcast on iTunes for free. With the Magic of the Internet, we could promote the podcast for free through social media. So we created the Riverside Voice. Continue reading


31 Jul

Since I officially accepted my job, I’ve been daydreaming about what I’m going to do to stay sane while in Williston. Which is basically, get out of Williston.

I spent a good two hours today on various websites, looking at cheap vacation rentals in all the places I want to go. Some of the places for rent on Air BnB and that sort of site are absolutely beautiful! I found myself actually a bit disappointed that I’ll be staying with friends for the majority of my travels in the near future. I love them, but who wouldn’t be tempted by a cozy downtown studio for $90/night???

I’m making a list of places I want to go in the next year, staying within the U.S., because I’ve decided I’d rather take cheaper short vacations more often than spend all my money and vacation time on a week and a half abroad.

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26 Jul

It was mid-August, I had been in Europe for about two and a half months. When I was in Bern (Switzerland) a week or so earlier staying with the family of a girl I had just met, I mentioned I was going to go to Vienna. She told me she had a friend in Vienna. Continue reading

So You’re Going to Barcelona

24 Jul

A friend of mine will be going to Barcelona at some point in the next few weeks and I figured I could kill two birds with one stone: my blog post for the day and giving her some tips for her weekend. And maybe, just maybe, this post will help someone else who’s planning on taking a trip to this fantastic city.

First of all, stay in the Gothic quarter. It’s the historic center of the city and a great neighborhood for walking, plus it’s close to everything.

Without further adieu, some things any traveler ought to do/know/see in Barcelona.

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Best Food in Europe

9 Jun

Last night, I was asked what was the best food I ate while in Europe. I was caught off guard, explained that I mostly ate bread and jam purchased from grocery stores, then made something up. But of course, it got me thinking. Was it…. Continue reading