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Passion projects

19 Dec

When I was living in Minneapolis, one of the things that I realized I missed the most was the sheer variety that had been in my life in college. I was taking classes in a wide range of subjects, learning new things every day that often interrelated in strange ways. I was on the newspaper, and doing pep band, and having deep intellectual conversations. For a while I was writing this blog, and then that transitioned into thesis time.

In Minnesota, I went to work from 8-4, drove home, and spent my evenings swing dancing, going to happy hours, and occasionally doing trivia. It was great, but I missed having all those projects, different fun things to talk about that I was working on. I certainly could have made that a part of my life there, but it felt too overwhelming, like I didn’t have enough connections and skills to make things happen outside of just being thrilled to have full-time employment. Continue reading