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I Woke Up at 5 a.m.

20 Mar

On purpose. Yes, this is a big enough deal that I’m blogging about it.

In college, every once in a while, when our to-do lists got longer than our arms, my friend Luke and I would have early-morning homework dates. We would force each other to wake up before 6 on a Saturday (because we hated ourselves, and each other, and happiness), go to Starbucks, and be ridiculously productive for the next four hours, hit the gym when it opened by 10, and basically be rock stars. Or, more accurately, the opposite of rock stars.

My theory is that I hate the world so much for existing at that time of day, that I basically get work done out of spite. Continue reading


On reacting, deciding, and trying to sort out my future

5 Mar

From April 2013 to September 2014, just about every choice I made was a reaction. I wasn’t getting interviews for the 50-some jobs I applied to, then I was offered a summer internship in a field I wasn’t particularly interested in located in an oil boomtown. I took it, sight-unseen. By the end of the summer, I still hadn’t gotten any of the writing jobs I was applying for, so they offered me employment and I took it. Housing was really expensive there, so when a family with a 3-year-old offered to let me rent a room in their house, I took it and moved in. Four days later, my friend decided to come join me, so I found an apartment and signed a month-to-month lease within 36 hours. Then, within four days we found a cheaper two bedroom and signed a lease on that starting the next month. Continue reading

Passion projects

19 Dec

When I was living in Minneapolis, one of the things that I realized I missed the most was the sheer variety that had been in my life in college. I was taking classes in a wide range of subjects, learning new things every day that often interrelated in strange ways. I was on the newspaper, and doing pep band, and having deep intellectual conversations. For a while I was writing this blog, and then that transitioned into thesis time.

In Minnesota, I went to work from 8-4, drove home, and spent my evenings swing dancing, going to happy hours, and occasionally doing trivia. It was great, but I missed having all those projects, different fun things to talk about that I was working on. I certainly could have made that a part of my life there, but it felt too overwhelming, like I didn’t have enough connections and skills to make things happen outside of just being thrilled to have full-time employment. Continue reading

Apparently we were poor – and I’m so glad

18 Aug

We didn’t have much money when I was growing up. I found out much after the fact that we received food stamps into my elementary school years – explaining why we shopped at the grocery store across town. My mom was afraid we might run into someone we knew closer to home. And I thought we had milk coupons that only worked at that store. The ways people protect their kids. Continue reading

Everyone wants my opinion today

19 Mar

After I met with a background investigator contracting for the Department of Defense, I was invited to join a focus group to discuss another huge institution: Sodexo.

I’ve done a focus group for them before, but I saw no good reason not to do it again. And one very good reason to do it: free dinner.

Continue reading